Monday, July 26, 2010

Crook family reunion July 2010

We look forward to the Crook family reunion each year. We go camping up above Heber to Lake Creek flats each year. We do Frisbee golf, horseshoes, and just all have a great time. This year's theme was Christmas in July and it was a lot of fun! Everyone decorated there campsites with Christmas decorations and who ever had the best one won a prize. We had a chili cook off and had some really yummy chili and then we had a Ugly sweater contest and a program.

Garrett on the day we got there, he found a bike and was having a great time.

Jourdan being a good husband and setting up the tent while i watched the kids.

Around the campfire. Harper with Callie his cousin.

Garrett is so clingy to just me & Jourdan right now. This is our Aunt Jean  and Garrett LOVED her, as you can see he feel asleep on her and he loved playing and loving on her.

Garrett passed out in the tent.

After a horseshoe game, giving hugs.

Harper doing a peanut butter and bird seed feeder, he loved it!

Jourdan helping him hang it in the tree for the birds to eat.

Harper loved these binoculars and didn't want to give them back to his cousin.

Garrett hanging out with his favorite person.

Jourdan with his cousin Jennifer, they were partners for horseshoes, they took 3rd place.

Harper doing horseshoes for the kids horse shoe tournament.

  1. This is how the kids were most of the weekend, they loved being in the dirt and playing on the bikes.

Fixing the bikes.

These were mine & Jourdan's ugly sweaters, don't you think they were pretty ugly?? Too bad we didn't win!!

Harper riding bikes.

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Jame & Ashley said...

How fun! I can't remember the last time we had any family reunions. Your boys are so cute