Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garrett turns 2!!!

Garrett had his 2nd birthday back on March 11th. These are all pictures from his actual Birthday and then the day after when he got his hair cut and had his party.

Garrett's first present right when he woke up, Harper loved helping him open it.

It was some stacking blocks that all fit into each other and they had fun pictures all over them. I got this steal of a deal from Ross for $3.99, i was pretty excited and he loves it!!

We went to the park

                                                       Then to El Pollo Loco for lunch.

                                                      All cleaned after his bath
This was the day after his party, we took him to Cookie Cutters to get his hair cut, he actually did really good, notice his balloon he had a death grip on.

                                                              The final result

                                    Grandma Joan stopped by to bring him a present.

                       We had an "ORANGE" themed party, all the treats/snacks were Orange.

                                His awesome balloon cake the a lady in my ward made.

                                                            In there Orange attire.

                                                   Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.

                                               My parents enjoying the cake.

                                            Our sweet friend Alea and her daughter Abby.

                                         Presents, Jourdan thought he would love this soccer net.
                                              Jeff, Emily & Dax all in there Orange attire.

               More presents, i love Garrett's face, he pulled this shirt out and said "WOW" it was so funny!!

          My sweet Birthday boy!! Garrett we all love you so much and are so glad you are part of our family!!

Its been way too long....

I havent updated my blog for over a year, i think its time to start posting again. I really miss it so my goal is to post some fun things we have been doing in our family...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crook family reunion July 2010

We look forward to the Crook family reunion each year. We go camping up above Heber to Lake Creek flats each year. We do Frisbee golf, horseshoes, and just all have a great time. This year's theme was Christmas in July and it was a lot of fun! Everyone decorated there campsites with Christmas decorations and who ever had the best one won a prize. We had a chili cook off and had some really yummy chili and then we had a Ugly sweater contest and a program.

Garrett on the day we got there, he found a bike and was having a great time.

Jourdan being a good husband and setting up the tent while i watched the kids.

Around the campfire. Harper with Callie his cousin.

Garrett is so clingy to just me & Jourdan right now. This is our Aunt Jean  and Garrett LOVED her, as you can see he feel asleep on her and he loved playing and loving on her.

Garrett passed out in the tent.

After a horseshoe game, giving hugs.

Harper doing a peanut butter and bird seed feeder, he loved it!

Jourdan helping him hang it in the tree for the birds to eat.

Harper loved these binoculars and didn't want to give them back to his cousin.

Garrett hanging out with his favorite person.

Jourdan with his cousin Jennifer, they were partners for horseshoes, they took 3rd place.

Harper doing horseshoes for the kids horse shoe tournament.

  1. This is how the kids were most of the weekend, they loved being in the dirt and playing on the bikes.

Fixing the bikes.

These were mine & Jourdan's ugly sweaters, don't you think they were pretty ugly?? Too bad we didn't win!!

Harper riding bikes.

Harper took Swimming lessons this Summer!!!

Harper is old enough this year that he was able to take swimming lessons. I signed him up at the American Fork Rec center. He did them for 2 weeks in the morning from 9:30-10am. The first day he was kind of like why cant i just do what i want, he didnt think he had to listen to a teacher, but then halfway through the lesson he started getting it and really liked it. This was him on the first day learning how to hold his breath and go under water.
Harper with his class, he is the one that is going under water on the right side.

Playing cobra in a basket and they are trying to get out. He loved this!

Harper on his last day, after they blew the whistle and it was time to get out.

Harper completed swimming lessons!! He was so proud and he really did learn so much and did a great job!!

Harper's friends Hayden & Dylan were taking swimming lessons the same time as Harper, they were in the classes above him but they had fun seeing each other after wards and Harper even went to play at there house a couple times during the week.

Happy 4th of July!!

Every year for the 4th of July we always go down to St George to stay in my Grandma's condo. It is such a fun time of year! We each do a meal and have to cook for like 35-40 people, its actually not bad at all, you just cook one meal the whole weekend and your done. We went down this year Thursday night and stayed tell Monday the 5th.

These are some of the kids and Jourdan playing with the marble works.

We took Harper to Toy Story 3 on Friday and my Dad was nice to stay and watch Garrett for us, this is how he fell asleep and took his nap that day.
We love going swimming down at the condo while we are there. This is down at my Grandma's pool and Garrett loved throwing things in to the kids and Jourdan.

Harper with Jourdan swimming on his back.

My Mom & her Brother Randy at my cousin's Cameron's pool, Cameron just bought a nice new house down in St George and we spent the day there Saturday swimming and having a good time!

My Grandma Joan & cousin Cameron, he lives down in St George.

My Dad relaxing in the shade.

This is the pool my cousin Cameron & Marie have in there backyard. Arent you jealous?? I know i sure am, it was so fun, and the pool is so fun!!!

Our family on the 3rd of July watching the fireworks down in St George.

This is how Harper was the whole time during the fireworks, he wasnt scared but he just wanted to cover his ears cause he thought they were too loud. Garrett would say "WOW" after every firework, it was pretty funny!

Doing sparklers on the actual 4th of July at the Condo with the family.

Me with the boys doing sparklers.
Jourdan & Harper

Harper with his favorite cousin Hunter. They loved playing together down there. Hunter is 10 years old.

Swimming over at Silver Creek which is my cousin Stefany & Dallas's condo.

Dallas & Hunter both my cousins.

Harper jumping off into the pool.

The whole group who went swimming, they are all my cousins.

Our family swimming.Garrett was back at the condo with my parents taking a nap.

Laying out relaxing with my cousin Stef.

Me & Jourdan jumping off the rocks. So much fun!

There is this awesome food place in Fillmore Utah. It is called Cliffs Carhop cafe. They have REAL french fries, no frozen stuff, the real potatoes peeled, and they are wonderful!! So next time you head to St George stop in Fillmore to get some REAL yummy french fries.

Garrett eating some hotdog and real french fries.
Harper knows Mom always has the camera out and he was nice to smile for me this time, a very rare occasion.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!