Monday, July 26, 2010

Harper took Swimming lessons this Summer!!!

Harper is old enough this year that he was able to take swimming lessons. I signed him up at the American Fork Rec center. He did them for 2 weeks in the morning from 9:30-10am. The first day he was kind of like why cant i just do what i want, he didnt think he had to listen to a teacher, but then halfway through the lesson he started getting it and really liked it. This was him on the first day learning how to hold his breath and go under water.
Harper with his class, he is the one that is going under water on the right side.

Playing cobra in a basket and they are trying to get out. He loved this!

Harper on his last day, after they blew the whistle and it was time to get out.

Harper completed swimming lessons!! He was so proud and he really did learn so much and did a great job!!

Harper's friends Hayden & Dylan were taking swimming lessons the same time as Harper, they were in the classes above him but they had fun seeing each other after wards and Harper even went to play at there house a couple times during the week.

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