Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Every year for the 4th of July we always go down to St George to stay in my Grandma's condo. It is such a fun time of year! We each do a meal and have to cook for like 35-40 people, its actually not bad at all, you just cook one meal the whole weekend and your done. We went down this year Thursday night and stayed tell Monday the 5th.

These are some of the kids and Jourdan playing with the marble works.

We took Harper to Toy Story 3 on Friday and my Dad was nice to stay and watch Garrett for us, this is how he fell asleep and took his nap that day.
We love going swimming down at the condo while we are there. This is down at my Grandma's pool and Garrett loved throwing things in to the kids and Jourdan.

Harper with Jourdan swimming on his back.

My Mom & her Brother Randy at my cousin's Cameron's pool, Cameron just bought a nice new house down in St George and we spent the day there Saturday swimming and having a good time!

My Grandma Joan & cousin Cameron, he lives down in St George.

My Dad relaxing in the shade.

This is the pool my cousin Cameron & Marie have in there backyard. Arent you jealous?? I know i sure am, it was so fun, and the pool is so fun!!!

Our family on the 3rd of July watching the fireworks down in St George.

This is how Harper was the whole time during the fireworks, he wasnt scared but he just wanted to cover his ears cause he thought they were too loud. Garrett would say "WOW" after every firework, it was pretty funny!

Doing sparklers on the actual 4th of July at the Condo with the family.

Me with the boys doing sparklers.
Jourdan & Harper

Harper with his favorite cousin Hunter. They loved playing together down there. Hunter is 10 years old.

Swimming over at Silver Creek which is my cousin Stefany & Dallas's condo.

Dallas & Hunter both my cousins.

Harper jumping off into the pool.

The whole group who went swimming, they are all my cousins.

Our family swimming.Garrett was back at the condo with my parents taking a nap.

Laying out relaxing with my cousin Stef.

Me & Jourdan jumping off the rocks. So much fun!

There is this awesome food place in Fillmore Utah. It is called Cliffs Carhop cafe. They have REAL french fries, no frozen stuff, the real potatoes peeled, and they are wonderful!! So next time you head to St George stop in Fillmore to get some REAL yummy french fries.

Garrett eating some hotdog and real french fries.
Harper knows Mom always has the camera out and he was nice to smile for me this time, a very rare occasion.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!

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